Fujian's first multi-functional street light pole project equipped with 5G micro base stations and smart city comprehensive sensing functions landed in Tong'an, Xiamen

2019/07/23 Source:XiamenNet 6831view

The 5G multifunctional street light pole on Zhongshan Road in Tongan District is equipped with China Unicom’s 5G micro base station, which provides a fast-rising channel for the current national emerging strategic industries such as smart cities, safe cities, and big data in the region, and provides education and medical services around Tongan District. Industry, tourism, agricultural economy, manufacturing, etc. provide the most advanced and stable communication infrastructure.

In the future, unmanned driving, drone shutdown nests, unmanned distribution, and AR technology serving medical, tourism, technology, manufacturing and other fields will all come to us. The Internet of Everything is no longer a fragment in science fiction movies. As a hot spot for Xiamen's economic development, Tong'an District is the first to deploy 5G applications in the area and continue to promote it. The use of street light poles as a site is also in compliance with the principle of intensiveness.

As a strategic partner of China Unicom, IOTCOMM is continuously contributing to the application and popularization of 5G multifunctional street light poles in China!