2019/07/17 Source:AladdinLightingNetwork 6475view

From June 9th to 11th, the annual event of the lighting industry-the Aladdin Forum 2019, was grandly held during the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. As the official reporting media of the conference, Aladdin Lighting Network specially invited people from Xiamen Zhilianxintong Internet of Things Xie Dacheng, the chairman of the Technology Co., Ltd., came to the live news site to discuss the industry development plan. 

Aladdin As a leader in monitoring systems in the well-known lighting industry, what core competitiveness does Zhilianxintong have in terms of product competitive advantages?

Xie Dacheng: The core strength of Zhilian ICT comes from three aspects. The first competitiveness comes from the accumulation of underlying technology. Our communication networking technology at the bottom has risen to the current chip technology. They are all independently researched and developed by us, which is a core competitiveness.

The second one comes from our rich product line. It should be said that we are the company with the most comprehensive overall solution in the field of intelligent lighting.

The third is from our complete service and implementation capabilities. We have 12 offices across the country, including marketing agencies overseas. This can support all our customers and projects, implement them quickly, and ensure our service capabilities. We have core competitiveness in these three areas. Thank you!