66 projects, more than 4.8 billion! Summary of smart light pole projects in the first April of 2020

2020/04/27 iotcomm 7798view

The 2020 new crown pneumonia epidemic will undoubtedly have a major impact on the national and global political landscape and economic growth. The Party Central Committee stands on the strategic height of national development, establishes a global development technology leader, and enhances economic fundamental capabilities, and proposes to vigorously Promote the construction of new infrastructure to realize the transformation of the national economic industrial structure and stabilize the new driving force of national economic development. The construction of smart light poles conforms to the scope of the country's new infrastructure, thus entering a new stage of development.

According to incomplete statistics, as of April 27, there will be 66 smart light pole bidding projects in 2020, with an amount exceeding 4.825 billion yuan. Mainly for the construction of smart parks/blocks, smart transformation of urban roads and improvement of urban environmental quality.